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These resources are brought to you by The DEI™ Digital Enterprise Initiative.  Help usher in the “Age of Abundance” by harnessing technology to serve mankind. Manifest Digital Destiny by optimizing your digital business with The DEI™.

The DEI™ an easy-to-use broad-scope single source AI data as a platform XaaS to facilitate your business’ online ambitions.

Who We Are

We are Plurbs™, a growing team of contributors that have devoted time and effort to building the New World Order™, a symbol of Truth and Hope. We live by the principles of Peace, Love, Unity, Respect, and Equality and strongly believe that the world could use more of this unifying message. Please support us in this cause by Shopping PLURBS™.

Our Vision

“2.67 million years for our species to learn to place a handle on a rock.” How long will it take humanity to adopt technological best practices that solve the basic problems that threaten our survival?

“We the people” are the common denominator. More so than any previous generation, ours has the potential to unite and thrive!

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Let’s work together to usher in a true and permanent golden age of abundance! Read the NWO™ Universal Agreements and share what ones you can agree to.

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Our Mission

The New World Order™ and NWO™ to Develop, Preserve, protect the species and Biocultural diversity

Our Future

Common source of inspiration to unite humanity in peace and abundance.

Seat G107!

NWO™ smart contracts and educational-ecosystems,


“the meek will inherit the earth” in the race to end hunger, you may be surprised to see which countries are “winning”. New evidence from the hunger and nutrition commitment index (Hanci) suggests a counter-intuitive result.


The New World Order™ and collaborations with the many housing authorities around our globe can create permanent, A.I. designed high-quality housing solutions.


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