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The DEI™ Certified icon is reserved exclusively for the data sentinels club:

• Data Sentinels™

  1. Dark Web Sentry – Standing guard 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. They keep an eye on what matters. This proactive measure helps prevents problems before they occur.
  2. Email Sentry – World-class integrated email security solutions offered by
  3. BullPhish – Phishing and security training

Site Sentinels™

  1. Malware Scanning
  2. DEI® Managed SSL
  3. DEI® Back-Up and Local Back-Up
  4. DEI® Security Now Newsletter

Compliance Manager Tool

Security Consultations

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Gain peace of mind knowing that you proactively protect your company’s:

•  Brands

•  Employees

•  Executives

•  Customers.

Register your DAO and make a commitment today to stop exploiting for your personal gain. Learn the truth about creating an abundant life.


We are the generation that can end cyber exploitations. Attached is a coloring activity to ensure your children grow up with the right mindset. Please print and use it as a cybersecurity lesson with your children.

“Children’s Activity Book”