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BODY – Develop, Protect and Preserve.

Decondition and recondition the human body to a communal state of balance with the common goal of innovation to create abundance for everyone. In preparation for the next stage of evolution to combat digital stagnation and promote physical well-being, we present the Active-Ego™ initiative.

The new wo/man overcomes all vices and is a slave to none.

This divine realm is the place where efforts and actions intercede on behalf of the communal body of humanity.  Active-Ego™ is a state of empowerment and control of self, never imposing on another.  A humble recognition that albeit alone I am one of many. Together we stand united in the commitment to create abundance for each other.

Dedicate yourselves to whole nutrition, consistent hygiene, adopting the essential routines that develop and protect your body and your Active-Ego™ will provide balance and abundance.



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The Harsh Truth About Eating While You’re Distracted

  You know that distracted driving is dangerous, but what about eating when your thoughts are elsewhere? A new study explains why you’re likely to snack more while you’re watching TV. Researchers at the University of Sussex studied the impact of perceptually demanding tasks like watching TV or playing video games. They found that subjects whose...

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Anger is a normal and natural human emotion that can occur during a relationship, often due to frustration and feelings of being overwhelmed. Unfortunately, failure to control your anger can lead to ugly confrontations that can ruin a once healthy relationship. Follow these strategies for healthy anger management: Calm down. Before you even attempt to talk to...

Break Through Your Limits and Attain Greater Success

  Along any self-development journey, it eventually becomes obvious that the biggest enemy you have is yourself. Between your limiting beliefs and negative habits, there really isn’t anyone in your way besides yourself. We often ask too little of ourselves and doubt our ability to succeed in the future based on our previous struggles. These techniques will...

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If your concentration skills are lacking, it’s not your fault. No one ever taught you how to concentrate and focus. In fact, most of us are experts at distracting ourselves. You’re probably pretty good at finding something to keep yourself busy. However, that something probably isn’t very productive. It’s just comfortable or entertaining. Do you want...

How to Cope With Loneliness and Social Isolation in Today’s World

Today, it’s challenging to have a great social life. This was true even before Covid-19 became an issue. In the not-so-distant past, it used to be so boring to stay at home during the evenings and the weekends that people always looked for an excuse to get out of the house. But now, between streaming...

10 Tips to Increase the Odds of Staying Sober

From Mr. NWO, May the New Wo/Man step forward and overcome all vices.  Many people can drink without serious consequences, but a significant part of the population struggles with sobriety. Many people rely on alcohol as a coping mechanism. Others develop an actual physical addiction to alcohol. Common signs of alcoholism include: ● An inability to drink...

The Most Important Things You Can Do to Strengthen Your Heart Health

Your heart works pretty hard for you. It beats roughly once a second for your entire life. That’s about 2.5 billion beats over the average lifespan. The blood that is circulated by the beating heart carries oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. Your heart is important to say the least! Cardiovascular disease has been the...