BODY - Active-Ego™,

Evolutionary advantage in an app.

BODY – Develop, Protect and Preserve.

Decondition and recondition the human body to a communal state of balance with the common goal of innovation to create abundance for everyone. In preparation for the next stage of evolution to combat digital stagnation and promote physical well-being, we present the Active-Ego™ initiative.

The new wo/man overcomes all vices and is a slave to none.

This divine realm is the place where efforts and actions intercede on behalf of the communal body of humanity.  Active-Ego™ is a state of empowerment and control of self, never imposing on another.  A humble recognition that albeit alone I am one of many. Together we stand united in the commitment to create abundance for each other.

Dedicate yourselves to whole nutrition, consistent hygiene, adopting the essential routines that develop and protect your body and your Active-Ego™ will provide balance and abundance.



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