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MIND – Develop, Protect and Preserve.

Consider that every individual manifests what he/she believes. Perhaps there are facets to each belief system that can contribute to a better existing state of reality manifested by humanity! We are human beings first, thus, in preparation for the next stage of evolution to ease culture sickness and promote our species’ peaceful progression towards preserving every conscious being’s dignity. We present the World Is My Playground™ foundation.

The new wo/man accepts the World is My Playground™ oath and covenant that is to respect all traditions.

This divine realm is the place where thoughts and beliefs intercede on behalf of wo/man’s wellbeing. World is My Playground™ is the belief that becomes the thought that manifests into the mechanism that allows you to open the “door” to peace and harmony within your physical environment. 

Master your beliefs, control your thoughts, shape your emotions and manage your relationships. The world will truly become a playground of peace and harmony.



The World Is My Playground™ logo is a symbol of peace and harmony. CLICK HERE: When you wear it, you declare it!

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