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MIND – Develop, Protect and Preserve.

Manifesting abundance starts right now. World Is My Playground™ offers a curated user experience of the internet. 

Promoting our species’ peaceful progression towards preserving the dignity of every conscious being. The mental strategy of accepting that every belief system creates a mechanism of thought that inspires peace and harmony of thought.

The World Is My Playground™ logo has a broken circle and a delta triangle. The circle symbolizes our planet. The change or shift that humanity creates is the delta triangle. World Is My Playground™ is for the mind and stands as a challenge to every individual to respect all traditions and become empowered by the human capacity to believe and manifest. That we might develop, protect and preserve the order of society.

• World Is My Playground™ is a mentality of enjoying the physical world.

Improve your emotional intelligence game!

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cognitive behavioral therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Guide

Patients, therapists, and insurance companies often prefer cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). It’s quicker than most other forms of psychological treatment, and a growing body of research shows that it works. One of the main benefits of CBT is that it trains you to be your own therapist. You learn to change your thinking and develop...

10 Healthy Ways to Manage Your Anger in Your Relationship

Anger is a normal and natural human emotion that can occur during a relationship, often due to frustration and feelings of being overwhelmed. Unfortunately, failure to control your anger can lead to ugly confrontations that can ruin a once healthy relationship. Follow these strategies for healthy anger management: Calm down. Before you even attempt to talk to...

Break Through Your Limits and Attain Greater Success

  Along any self-development journey, it eventually becomes obvious that the biggest enemy you have is yourself. Between your limiting beliefs and negative habits, there really isn’t anyone in your way besides yourself. We often ask too little of ourselves and doubt our ability to succeed in the future based on our previous struggles. These techniques will...

7 Concentration Exercises That Will Train Your Mind

If your concentration skills are lacking, it’s not your fault. No one ever taught you how to concentrate and focus. In fact, most of us are experts at distracting ourselves. You’re probably pretty good at finding something to keep yourself busy. However, that something probably isn’t very productive. It’s just comfortable or entertaining. Do you want...

The Value of Healthy Boundaries in All of Your Relationships

Every relationship requires boundaries. What are boundaries? Personal boundaries set limits on how others can behave in your presence and interact with you. Certainly, your boundaries have been violated at some point in your life. Maybe a partner used language that was unacceptable toward you. Perhaps someone invaded your privacy by asking you a personal...

How to Cope With Loneliness and Social Isolation in Today’s World

Today, it’s challenging to have a great social life. This was true even before Covid-19 became an issue. In the not-so-distant past, it used to be so boring to stay at home during the evenings and the weekends that people always looked for an excuse to get out of the house. But now, between streaming...