MIND - World is My Playground™


Emotional intelligence in an app.

MIND – Develop, Protect and Preserve.

Manifesting abundance starts right now. World Is My Playground™ offers a curated user experience of the internet. 

Promoting our species’ peaceful progression towards preserving the dignity of every conscious being. The mental strategy of accepting that every belief system creates a mechanism of thought that inspires peace and harmony of thought.

The World Is My Playground™ logo has a broken circle and a delta triangle. The circle symbolizes our planet. The change or shift that humanity creates is the delta triangle. World Is My Playground™ is for the mind and stands as a challenge to every individual to respect all traditions and become empowered by the human capacity to believe and manifest. That we might develop, protect and preserve the order of society.

• World Is My Playground™ is a mentality of enjoying the physical world.

Improve your emotional intelligence game!

Visit: www.worldismyplayground.org and add it to your home screen for future reference. 

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