PLANET - Climate-Push™

Ecological consciousness in an app.

PLANET – Develop, Protect and Preserve!

The New Wo/Man makes a pledge to make a daily effort to leave his direct environment better and cleaner than it was when he got there.

In efforts to minimize the negative impact of individual consumer habits on his/her natural environment, develop new technologies that reduce environmental impact, and promote the technologies that currently exist. We present the Climate-Push™ initiative


8 Practical Ways Anyone Can Be More Environmentally Friendly

  Everyone knows they should care more about the environment, but most people believe it’s just not worth the time and trouble. Furthermore, it’s common to believe that one person making a change isn’t going to matter. If you hold these beliefs, think again. You might not be in a position to change the behavior of...

Help the Environment with Green Investing

What constitutes a green company? Actually, your answer will probably vary from investor to investor. Green investing involves putting investment dollars into environmentally friendly companies. Some might only consider companies that actually address environmental issues. A company that produces solar panels would be a good example. Other investors might consider a company that recycles and...