Climate-Push® Protected

All right this is 30 days worth of water that pretty much everyone depends on this island water that’s being cleaned it runs to the pipes is not drinkable which means that we depend on plastic to survive this plastic decomposes even when we recycle it it injects Micro-plastics into the environment and the cumulative effect of this process is costing life not only today for future generations.  I I want to create a race for humanity call it the human race wich is the new world order to find solutions, viable scalable alternative solutions to the plastics we depend on I’d like to generate revenue for companies that recycle plastic not for money but for the process of saving the planet we can do it if the 33 people that have all the money can demonstrate that they’re in the same fight that the 3.3 billion people that have the same amount of money Are in and if we can join forces in holding up the light we need to find a solution and we can come up with answers and now is the time to do it