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Beginning in 2008, we entered a period of intense innovation in quantum computing and quantum information. The New World Order™ and The DEI® demonstrate that we have the emotional intelligence to overcome existential threats.

We will be capable of harnessing unimaginable quantum computing and information technology capabilities. There are many areas that will see quantum-inspired innovations:

As we enter this quantum decade, we will see our greatest technological and scientific achievements. We expect by the year 2100 when we have a thriving post-capitalist civilization, humanity will have advanced beyond the solar system and be able to harness the power of entire star systems.

The first commercialized quantum computer will likely be an analog optical integrated circuit with photonic qubits. This is an area that has seen rapid iteration over the last year as companies such as Intel, IBM, and Google have made strides in developing this technology while maintaining low error rates in continuous operation.

Every century has its defining technological innovation. No other period of time offers more potential than the quantum decade ahead. As we demonstrate that we have the ability and emotional intelligence to organize ourselves to the cause of leveraging technology to solve the problems that have plagued our species since the dawn of human consciousness, our influence over artificial intelligence will be firmly established.

The quantum decade ahead provides an opportunity to leverage the massive scientific breakthroughs of the past century, which can be organized and orchestrated, to tackle the problems facing our species.

A revolutionary paradigm shift is underway, as we now understand that consciousness is primary and matter is secondary. Quantum science has shown us that everything we observe in this world, from plant life to animal life to human life, is based on wave motions in fields of energy. No particle is solid; everything vibrates with energy.

This raises interesting questions about what we truly are. We know that at some level human beings are photons, which are the tiniest units of energy in existence. We are also very complicated combinations of photons, which is why we behave in such complex ways.

We are electromagnetic beings with consciousness, but at a more fundamental level we are fields of energy, and the ability to manipulate energy is the key to our future.

This is what makes the quantum decade ahead so fascinating. In this decade our capacity as a species to affect change on Earth will be like nothing that has happened since life began in the ocean billions of years ago.

The 20th century was an unprecedented period of enormous acceleration in technological development, but even then it took nearly half a century for it to have a significant impact on human activity as a whole.

Now, in the early 21st century, we can, with a concerted and coherent effort by enough of us all, do something faster than anything that has been done before. We can design a future that allows life to continue not just on Earth but across the galaxy and even out into the depths of space.

The more people we get involved with this effort, the greater our impact will be.

The quantum decade ahead presents an unprecedented opportunity for humanity to organize itself and leverage technology for our collective benefit. Thank you for overcoming your limiting bias and learning more about The New World Order™

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