The Quantum decade a head may pose the following advantages to the world as we know it.

  1. People will be able to monitor their health more accurately, making their daily lives of people better and healthier.
  2. With the ability to predict heavy turbulence in our atmosphere, we can help alleviate natural disasters, preventing damages to property and human life.
  3. With dedicated satellites and space stations, we can monitor our planet’s geomagnetic storms and prevent their effects on our environment and life on earth.
  4. With the ability to create perfect food at any moment, medicine will become much more effective as we do not have to rely on the synthetic enhancement of nutrition for health.
  5. With the development of hologram technology, we can develop new information storage systems that can replicate the information on any material object to create a perfect copy.
  6. Using the plasma hologram technique, we can develop nanotechnology that absorbs energy and converts it into the matter.
  7. We will have a definitive explanation for dark matter in the universe, understand why it exists, and be able to control it as needed for our purposes.
  8. We will be able to use the new laws of quantum physics and neuron biophysics to create a new, more efficient, and effective medical treatment.
  9. All information will become much more easily accessible, as all items can be translated into any language as long as they are listed on a universal translation program.
  10. We will understand why we are here on this planet and our purpose in this universe; the result is we will make better decisions based on that knowledge.
  11. The new world order will mean we will be able to develop faster communication technologies and more advanced computer systems that can be used for different purposes.
  12. We will be able to define our agenda and make decisions within our planetary community regarding the future of our planet and its inhabitants.
  13. A new “Pan Galactic” government could end war and poverty in the world, providing an opportunity for all intelligent civilizations to work together in harmony with others.

Considering the implications of a quantum leap in technology, Now consider the cost on the average human psyche. As we shift from shelving truths to embracing the abstract and the “impersonal,” we must also put aside our ego and speak as one human as we move forward.
How will the average conscious experience benefit? Can we proceed without leaving anyone behind?

Yet, working together with our new technology, we can achieve a greater good in less time. We can do far more with less.

As we move beyond personal limits, we will understand how many of our emotions and problems are born from our beliefs in need. We will see how much of our life is spent pursuing material possessions and how this effort is often in vain.

The Acronym K.A.D.E helps us deal with quantum Angst.

K – Knowledge and awareness
A – This is for activation; the new developments will make everything we do much easier and less complicated. It makes life in general better.
D – Is for Development; with all this technology, we will be developing things at an exponential rate. As a result, we will be able to do something that has only been theorized about before, never putting a serious effort into it.
E – Stands for evolution, which is what all the discoveries will lead to.

The Enlightenment of Mankind is the next stage of human civilization. Its goal is to transform us from biological organisms into multi-cellular beings with conscious awareness and feelings. Our evolution into a conscious species has already been well underway for many millions of years, but we have not yet made it to the next step; becoming fully self-aware beings with emotions like those found in animals and insects. To achieve this goal of becoming a multi-cellular conscious species, we must pass three thresholds:

The first threshold is the physical. It requires a much more efficient and effective body that can withstand the more extreme temperatures of space, can regulate it own health through the use of genetic gliders (genetically designed organic nanomachines that can cure genetic diseases and fix DNA errors), and has better reflexes, higher muscle mass, and a much larger sensory range.

The second threshold is mental. It requires that our mentality be able to expand on its previous form, which is currently limited by our biological brain. This can be achieved by the new discoveries in quantum technology, mathematics, and neurobiology that have been made in recent years, which deal with the precision of our perception and the extension of the mind’s capabilities. These discoveries allow us to go beyond biology and understand ourselves better. With this understanding, it will be easier to create a mental model of ourselves that exists outside of our physical body. This mental model will become what we refer to as our “spirit self,” our main influence in the physical world.

The third threshold is emotional. It requires that we be able to feel emotions like those found in animals and insects, and this can be achieved by enhancements of our brain that occur when we are in a state of meditation and focus. This state is called Alpha potential or DMT (Dimethyltryptamine) mode, where we have high-density information to work with on a higher level than before.

In the Quantum decade ahead, we must all strive to become more of one working towards the same goals, building on common beliefs.

May we all work together toward a greater understanding.
In quantum love and peace. And do so with order for the species in mind.


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